Mark Ellett Counselling & Psychotherapy


Life can take many directions, some of which are unexpected or unwelcome. I became a counsellor to help people find a new balance when they experience difficulties in their life. I view counselling itself as a journey as an qualified and accredited  counsellor, I can sit next to you during your journey to provide emotional support as we explore together the difficulties along your path.

Why do people come to counselling?

Do you find it difficult to find time for maintain a good work/life balance?

Are you feeling low and can’t figure out why?

Has something happened in your life that you find difficult to cope with?

Are you finding it difficult to take control of your life?

Do you feel emotionally worn out and exhausted?


These are common reasons why individuals may seek counselling.  I am here to help you find your own answers to these questions.  I give my clients the time and space to explore their issues within a safe and confidential environment.  There is no judgement and no issue is either too large or small to tackle. Sessions can be in Bath or online (only online at the moment due to COVID-19 restrictions).  I will be here to listen to what you think about your difficulties and will seek to offer alternative perspectives on your issues. This can give you a greater self-awareness and lead to long-lasting emotional change.